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Pizza One Stop | 1108 W. Tennyson Rd | Hayward, CA 94544 | 510.397.2200


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  1. Great pizza. I cant wait till the party room is finished so i can bring in some friends for a movie night. PLUS You have some of the best pizza in Hayward.

  2. @ERIC510 Remember to reserve a spot beforehand as eventually our weekends and weekdays will be flooded with reservations. How to schedule a reservation? Try reserving a spot in our party room / private banquet hall by calling 5103972200 or send an email through We look forward to getting to know you and your family, Eric!

  3. Excellent Pizza – Great Price. Found on YELP when I searched “Late Night Food” and sorted by Ratings. “One Stop” was the top rated pizza place and close to the top overall. Lives up to it’s reviews. Ordered the “Unlimited Toppings” special. They did not skimp. I ordered 5 kinds of meat, olives, mushrooms, bacon, and onions. Most impressive was the abundance of flavor. The sausage was very well seasoned. The pizza had a nice crispness to the bottom and a filling chewiness throughout. Not a thin crust, but the dough is not so thick that it dominates the toppings. Very well balanced and so much flavor. Spoke to a really sweet gentleman named Ali, who appears to be the owner. He said they are committed to maintaining the quality of the ingredients, and you can taste the difference. (Had a pizza last week from somewhere else that did not live up to it’s ratings.) He suggested a hamburger (made from ground sirloin) or the ribs for next time. There are pictures of all the food on the menu board, so you know just what you are getting, and everything else looks delicious, too. Convenient from Highway 880 and lots of coupon specials, Look forward to a return visit. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

  4. This sucks man. It sucks really bad..Its horrible that I can’t go more often!

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